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The Great Online Shopping Festival 2014

The GOSF or Great Online Shopping Festival was created by Google in 2012 where it collaborated with the Indian online shopping portals. It benefitted everyone as the portals promised heavy discounts. The festival was such a huge hit in the year 2012 that it was extended from a single day event to three day gala in 2013.

It is observed from Dec 10th to Dec 12th now.This is the third edition of GOSF or more popularlyknown as GOSF 2014. Google has already partnered with more than 300 online and offline stores. The Pundit's of online business expect the consumer base to grow to 100 million this year.

The whole concept of GOSF 2014 is inspired by "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday" and "Boxing Day" which are observed in many countries across the globe. The concept is already tested, and with the Indian demand it is sure to make a mark.

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